Short final message

Dear All,

EUMOL Jean Monnet Chair project is going to expire! Thanks to the project extension granted by EACEA I was able to organize some teaching and dissemination activities taking a hybrid organization, in-person and remotely.
This project was a great change for me: four editions of the EUMOL Winter School, more than 100 teaching hours per (academic) year, the launch of the EUMOL LABs, new teaching approaches and best practices, a bigger network of university students and colleagues, conferences in Japan, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, and my first invitation as a guest speaker at the Bank of Italy for the two-day PSD2 conference, the first ph.d. candidate to tutoring, three co-edited books, and several book chapters and journal papers published.
I am so delighted to have been the chair of this project and I hope this will be a step towards something even more challenging!


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