2020 EUMOL Winter School

Money as a macro-payment system.

5 November – 17 December 2020

Jean Monnet Chair in “EU Money Law” (EUMOL) aims to set up a new teaching in the field of law of money at the University of Siena, moving from the interesting achievements of Jean Monnet Module on “Building up a Payment System for the European Union” (2013 – 2016). It provides for teaching and research activities, addressed to academic and student university community, local stakeholders, national and European regulatory officers.

The EUMOL Jean Monnet Chair investigates the European harmonisation process for payments not only as a way of improving the functioning of the internal market but also as a means of community belonging. It depends on the trade-off between binding and soft rules, institutional actions and self-regulatory standards, but it also depends on the European regulatory initiatives for fintech applications. 

The first two virtual meetings provide us with the general picture, featured by the digital transformation process, on the one side, and the covid-19 emergency, on the other: different variables to be managed with a view to pursuing economic and financial inclusion, as well as regional cohesion.

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