IANUS 2020


Crypto-assets, Law and the European Union: a global challenge

Each year, Ianus accommodates a bunch of papers based on the core topics of Jean Monnet Chair in EU Money Law (EUMOL). This is the case of fintech and sustainable development.

CALL for Papers 

Cryptoassets comprise currency, investment and utility tokens. This classification is a useful but gives a far from stable outcome. Indeed, there is not just one blockchain technology but several blockchain technologies.

The EUMOL Jean Monnet Chair is launching a call for papers on “Crypto-assets, law and the European Union: a global challenge”, soliciting papers (where the term “papers” covers essays, case law analysis, book presentations, and legislative news) from the entire academic community, within and outside the European Union. This call is addressed to legal scholars (associate and full professors, early-career researchers, PhD candidates), but we are also very interested in papers co-authored with colleagues from different areas of academic research

We invite all contributors to select the meaning of crypto-assets most closely related to their field, topic, and perspective of research, covering the European framework but also individual regulatory experiences within and outside Europe. We therefore welcome papers covering (but not limited to) one or more of the following aspects:

  • Crypto-assets and regulatory approaches: competition and regulation, what trade-off?
  • What role can crypto-assets play in complementary currency schemes?
  • What about the regulation of smart contracts in the use of crypto-assets?
  • Crypto-assets, dis-intermediation and legal certainty;
  • Can we consider crypto-assets as sustainable tools in themselves? Or as a means for building up a more sustainable business and finance?
  • What role can traditional financial intermediaries play in the crypto-assets scenario?
  • To what extent can we apply the conventional framework of investor and consumer safeguards to crypto-assets, crypto-assets exchanges, or wallet service providers to crypto-assets, crypto-assets exchanges or wallet service providers? The rules and regulations for payment services, and the MIFID regulatory package within the EU framework come to mind, for example;
  • Cryptoassets and the role of central banking; 
  • Will crypto-assets change the feeling of community belonging?
  • The proper functioning of the market and the spread of crypto-assets;
  • Crypto-assets and credit extension to households and SMEs.

Work in Progress. Stay Tuned.