2018 EUMOL Winter School Programme


The 2018 Winter School (12 – 14 December) is organized as an interdisciplinary workshop, devoted to investigate money as a means of community belonging and a tool of community construction, where “money” covers currency, scriptural money, digital currency, complementary currencies, payment systems, while “community” refers to the State, the international community, the European Union, the Eurozone, local or cross-national communities, like Sardex or bitcoin. To which extent can money support the community construction process? Thinking of money as a means of community construction, which are the main results achieved at the European Union level? What can we learn from the past?

Wednesday 12 December

Morning (9.00 – 13.00)

The Chair Holder gives and overview of the project, the event and the morning afernoon sessions

Green Session “The European Union, Money and the Financial Market: Old and New Regulatory Challenges”

Light Lunch

Afternoon (14.00 – 17.00

Red Session “Europe and the Roots of Money Community Construction Process”

Thursday 13 December

Morning (9.00 – 13.00)

The Chair Holder gives and overview of the project, the event and the morning afernoon sessions

Brown Session“Market, Innovations and Regulations in Payments”

Light Lunch

Afternoon (14.00-17.00)

Blue Session “Public and Private Issues of Money and Monetary Obligations”

Friday 14 December

Morning (9.00 – 13.00)

The Chair Holder gives and overview of the project, the event and the morning afernoon sessions

Yellow Session “Money and Data: Collecting, Protecting and Exchanging Personal Data”

Light Lunch

Afternoon (14.00 -17.00)

Grey Session “Complementary Currencies and Sardex Case”

Conclusions: the Chair Holder

2018 EUMOL Winter School – Teaching Staff

Gabriella Gimigliano, Ph.D., Senior Researcher in Business Law and Jean Monnet Chair Holder in EU Money Law, Business and Law Department, University of Siena https://www.disag.unisi.it/it/dipartimento/personale/docenti/gabriella-gimigliano

Vittorio Santoro, Full Professor in Business and Company Law, Law School, University of Siena https://www.dgiur.unisi.it/it/dipartimento/docenti/professori-ordinari/vittorio-santoro

Claus D. Zimmerman,Ph.D.,Senior Associate,EU Law and International Trade, Sidley Austin LLP in Brussels https://www.linkedin.com/in/claus-d-zimmermann-0b680371/

Marco Bodellini, Ph.D., Associate Lecturer in Banking and Financial Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London https://www.qmul.ac.uk/ccls/staff/mbodellini.html

Paweł Marcin Kawa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics, Macroeconomic Department, Kraców University of Economics https://e-uczelnia.uek.krakow.pl/course/view.php?id=354&lang=it

Marta Wajda-Lichy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics, Macroeconomic Department, Kraców University of Economics https://www.linkedin.com/in/marta-wajda-lichy-511014b5/

Domenica Tropeano, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Law   University of Macerata http://docenti.unimc.it/domenica.tropeano#content=publications

Luca Fantacci, Ph.D., Lecturer in Economics History, Bocconi University http://faculty.unibocconi.it/lucafantacci/

Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir, Ph.D., Adjunct professor at the School of Education, University of Iceland https://eyjabryn.com; https://ugla.hi.is/pub/hi/simaskra/cv_en/3d70b1aa55ff.pdf

Luisa Brunori, Ph.D., Chargée de Recherche HDR, Centre d’Histoire Judiciaire, Univerdity of Lille http://univ-lille2.academia.edu/LuisaBrunori/CurriculumVitae

Valentino Cattelan, Ph.D., Module Leader “Law, Ethics and Society”, The Institute of Ismaili Study, London https://www.linkedin.com/in/valentinocattelan/

Iryna Sofinska, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Constitutional and International Law Department, National University ‘Lviv Polytechnic’http://ukrainiancatholic.academia.edu/IrynaSofinska

Agnieszka Janczuk-Gorywoda, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor in International and EU Law, School of Law,Utrecht University https://www.uu.nl/staff/aajanczukgorywoda

Costanza Iacomini, Market and Payment  System Oversight  Department, Bank of Italy

Elisabetta Cervone, Ph.D., Consulting Council, The World Bank https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisabetta-cervone-793a997/

Andrea Borroni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Private Comparative Law and International Law, Campania University “Luigi Vanvitelli” http://www.jeanmonnet.unina2.it/dipartimento/docenti/133-borroni-andrea

Marco Seghesio, Ph.D., Lecturer in Comparative Law and Human Rights Protection, University of Milano

Fabio Zambardino, Ph.D. candidate in Private Comparative Law, Campania University “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Massimo D’Auria, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Private Law, Business and Law Department, University of Siena https://www.disag.unisi.it/it/dipartimento/personale/docenti/massimo-dauria

Giulio Peroni, Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Law, Jean Monnet Module Leader in European Monetary and Economic Law, University of Milano http://www.unimi.it/chiedove/schedaPersonaXML.jsp?matricola=17149

Noah Vardi, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Private Comparative Law, University of Roma Tre http://studylaw.uniroma3.it/prof-noah-vardi_d17.aspx

Giuseppe Colangelo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Law and Economics, University of Basilicata, and Jean Monnet Professor in “European Innovation Policy” http://sites.google.com/site/giuseppecolangelouni/

Quirino Picone, Ph.D. Candidate, Lecturer Suor Orsola Benincasa, and Web Marketing Specialist https://www.linkedin.com/in/quirinopicone/

Gloria González Fuster, Ph.D., Research Professor, Vrijie Universiteit Brussel http://www.vub.ac.be/LSTS/members/gonzalezfuster/

Maria Teresa Maggiolino, Ph.D.,Associate Professor in Business Law, Bocconi University http://faculty.unibocconi.it/mariateresamaggiolino/

Georgina Gomez, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer n Institutions and Local Development, Erasmus University Rotterdam https://www.egsh.eur.nl/people/g-m-gomez/

Jérôme Blanc, Ph.D., Full Professor in Economics,Sciences Po Lyon http://triangle.ens-lyon.fr/spip.php?article1894

Paolo Dini, Ph.D., Associate Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science, Sardex R&D Consultant, and Senior Research Fellow, School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire http://www.lse.ac.uk/media-and-communications/people/research-staff/paolo-dini

Laura Sartori, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/l.sartori/cv

Gian Luca Greco, Ph.D., Lecturer in Law of Financial Markets, University of Milano http://www.atrigna.com/npag.asp?n=2&m=12&t=Gian+Luca+Greco

Dino Donato Abate,Atrigna & Partners http://www.atrigna.com/npag.asp?n=2&m=66&t=Dino+Donato+Abate

Camilla Crea, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Private Law, University of Sannio, Benevento https://www.unisannio.it/it/users/camilla-crea

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